West Asia (IP): Several Palestinian youths were injured in fierce clashes with the occupying forces in Huwara town; Zionist settlers shot Palestinian youths and killed two of them.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In order to achieve their development goals, the Zionists daily attack different areas of Palestine and martyr, injure, or arrest and send Palestinians to prison. Palestinians also carry out anti-Zionist operations in response to these crimes.

According to Al-Mayadeen TV, a 19-year-old Palestinian youth named "Mohammed Labib Zamidi" was martyred when he was shot in the heart by the Zionist settlers' attack on Huwara settlement in the south of Nablus.

Several Palestinian youths were also injured in fierce clashes with the occupying forces in Huwara town. Zionist settlers targeted Palestinian youths and attacked Huwara's houses and commercial centers.

In another news, a Palestinian youth named "Jamal Mahmoud Majdoub" who was involved in anti-Zionist operations in the town of Huwara, was shot dead by the occupying forces after a fierce armed conflict.

After the operation of this young Palestinian, the occupying forces put Huwara town under siege and strict security measures.

The rights of the oppressed Palestinian people have been trampled under the boots of the Zionist occupation regime for more than seventy years. This regime has committed the most brutal crimes against the Palestinians during the afore- mentioned period.


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