Former US President Trump warned during a televised interview on Thursday that US Dollar is losing its dominance.

Iran PressAmerica: Trump is the latest figure to warn that the days of the US dollar’s predominance in world trade could soon be numbered.

"Our country is going to hell and we're not going to be the big boy," Trump said.

"We have power, but it's waning. In fact, it's waning in terms of our currency. And I'm not just talking about the value of our currency, I'm talking about our currency being used throughout the world."

The impact of the decline of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is "bigger than losing any war,” Trump asserted.

"You look at our airports, you look at our terminals, you look at our filthy roads and broken roads and everything else, we're like a Third World country," Trump said.

"We have something that's very powerful and that's our dollar. But you take a look at what's happening to it now with other countries not using it, and you know China wants to replace it with the yuan, and it was unthinkable with us. Unthinkable. Would never have happened. Now people are thinking about it,” Trump added.

In his interview, Trump blamed Biden’s energy policy for the rising cost of living and inflation of the dollar, saying that Biden curbing oil drilling on federal land and offshore was “so sad.”

"Inflation was caused, in my opinion, by energy, because it's so big," Trump said. "It's like all-encompassing, everything. You make donuts in the ovens and the trucks that deliver them, and no matter what you do, it's so much about energy."

"They cut it off, and again, we were drilling much more. We were a bigger force than Russia and Saudi Arabia individually," he continued. "In a year and a half, we would have been a bigger force than them combined and we would have made so much money. We would have been paying off debt, we would have been doing things that nobody's ever seen this country do."