2020 election updates:
Trump-Biden clash in twitter: Stop vs keep counting

Amid street protest, US Presidential Election vote counting crisis continues while US incumbent President keep calling for stop vote counting and democratic hopeful Joe Biden said: "keep counting."

Iran PressAmerica: President Donald Trump demanded the nation to stop counting votes in the presidential election as his campaign launches a lawsuit in Nevada, which could hand Joe Biden the presidency should he win its six electoral votes.

'STOP THE COUNT!' the US president tweeted Thursday morning. He has spent the past few days holed up in the White House, speaking to advisers about the race.

If state officials stop counting now and the election was called on the current tallies - Biden would win. The president needs to make upvote gaps in Arizona and Nevada to win the election - in other words; he needs officials there to keep counting the ballots.  

The Associated Press has awarded Biden 264 electoral votes, and 214 for Trump - including in Arizona, a state not all news organizations have called and that the Trump campaign is arguing they can win when all votes are counted.

On the other hand, as several battleground states continue to count votes and the margins remain razor-thin, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted Thursday morning: “Every vote must be counted."

Joseph R. Biden Jr., who claimed Wisconsin and Michigan and led in Nevada and Arizona, two states that will get him to 270 electoral votes if his advantage holds in another tweet, said: " Keep the faith, guys. We’re gonna win this.".

As President Trump offers unsubstantiated charges of election fraud, pro-Trump demonstrators have shown up at vote counting centers in Nevada, Arizona, and Detroit demanding that all votes be counted.  

The election results remain unclear, but Biden is inching towards victory as mail-in ballots are tallied.

Trump has falsely claimed these votes are illegitimate because they are being counted after the election. The votes were legally cast before Election Day. Still, the process to count mail-in ballots takes longer as they have to be checked against voter rolls to confirm it’s a legal ballot from a registered voter – just as when someone who votes in person has to confirm their identity with a poll worker before receiving a ballot.


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