Trump administration will be isolated, disgraced: Iranian FM

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred to the opposition to the illegal US attempt to reinstate sanctions on Iran and wrote: "Once again, the Trump administration will be isolated and disgraced on the world stage."

Iran PressIran News: Zarif wrote on his Instagram account on Friday: "Last night, Pompeo (US Secretary of State), in his own illusion, has activated the mechanism for returning the repealed Security Council resolutions, but at the same time, Iran, along with Russia, China, the European Union, Germany, France, and Britain in separate letters described the Trump administration's action as illegal, ineffective, and null and void."

He stated that such a situation does not exist in the history of the Security Council. It is likely that some other members of the Security Council will take a similar stance today, and the Trump administration will once again be isolated and disgraced on the world stage.

"We have summarized some of the reasons that led to such a global consensus against the Trump administration in the attached 5-page text", Javad Zarif added.

The text of Iran's Foreign Minister's recent 'Letter of Proposal' to the chairman of the United Nations Security Council on US efforts to re-impose UN sanctions on Iran has been released in the Persian language.

In this letter of proposal, Zarif stated the reasons for the US illegitimacy to 'revive the provisions of the repealed resolutions against Iran', and points to cases in which the US has formally denied any right to use the dispute resolution mechanism.

In the statement, Iran's foreign minister refers to the violations of Security Council Resolution 2231 by the United States and lack of good faith, as well as Iran's well-intentioned efforts to the full implementation of the JCPOA.           221/207

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