Transparency bill on parliament's agenda again this week

Tehran (IP) – Iran's parliament speaker announced that the bill on transparency in MPs' votes would be on the agenda again this week.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf in today's open session stressed that the parliament had considered the issue of transparency in MPs' votes.

Ghalibaf stated that the bill required two-thirds of the votes cast, which dropped by only three votes.

According to Article 130 of the Parliament Rules of Procedure, which a bill could be considered earlier than 6 months, more than 50 signatures have been collected, according to which the bill on transparency in MPs' votes could be on the agenda this week.

Iranian Parliament set preconditions for the annexation of prone lands to housing

Following the review of the plan to jump in the production and supply of housing, the members of Iran's Parliament demanded the government that the required lands to build housing be leased for ninety-nine years in rent.

Accordingly, with 191 votes in favor, 12 against and 4 abstentions from a total of 228 MPs present in the parliament, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is obliged to implement support transfer programs for the transfer of land required for housing construction for 99 years in rent to act.


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