Tehran (IP)- Iranian vice president for legal affairs said that in the Iran–China 25-year Cooperation Program or Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between there is no obligation contrary to the current rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of today's cabinet meeting, Laaya Joneidi, in answer to Iran Press, about the legal aspects of 25 years Iran-China cooperation document, said: When we want to cooperate, we can not create an obligation contrary to the treaties and current laws, and cooperation must be within the framework of treaties between Iran and China.

The Vice President stressed that all subsequent agreements within the framework of the Comprehensive 25-Year Cooperation Document between Iran and China must be in compliance with current treaties, laws and regulations, and any obligation that is contrary to treaties and laws is not acceptable.

In the meeting between Iranian FM Zarif and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday, March 27, the 25-year comprehensive document on the Iran-China strategic partnership was finalized and inked in the Iranian capital Tehran.


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