Tell Rifaat (IP): Iran press exclusive footage from the Tell Rifaat, a city in northern Aleppo Governorate, northwestern Syria, shows that the houses and infrastructures in the area are still in a dilapidated state.

Iran PressMiddle East: However, life continues in Tell Rifaat city and the American occupiers and their allies continue to impose restrictions in Aleppo on the delivery of food, fuel and other goods needed by the people of this area.

The US, with the support of armed groups and ISIS, tried to completely destroy Syria, but the Syrian army thwarted their plan with the help of its allies.

Tariq Junaid, a Syrian journalist, in an interview with an Iran Press correspondent, explaining the true story of the destruction of Tell Rifaat and the continuing problems of the people of this region, says that Syria's problems have occurred due to the occupation of the country by the US and its allies.

This Syrian journalist believes that after the war, both the US and its allies created problems for the people of Aleppo and Tell Rifaat by using sanctions and plundering Syria's huge oil resources.

This Syrian journalist stated that the invaders made life difficult for the Syrian people, but with the public unity and assisstance, the Syrian people can rebuild their country.

Tell Rifaat is a sensitive area in Aleppo, and American forces are present in this strategic area under the pretext of fighting against the armed and terrorist groups.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly emphasized that the United States and its allies occupied the Syrian territory.


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