Tehran (IP)- Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced the signing of new documents on Tehran-Baku cooperation in the oil and gas sector in the near future.

Iran PressIran news: Javad Owji, on Sunday, November 21, after meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Republic Shahin Mustafayev, told reporters: "A constructive meeting was held with the Azerbaijani delegation and good agreements were reached."

He underlined Iran's massive oil and gas reserves. He said that Iran and Azerbaijan could cooperate given this capacity, adding that the Republic of Azerbaijan also has a good ability in the oil and gas sector.

According to Shana, Mr. Owji stated that in today's meeting, a good agreement was reached with the Republic of Azerbaijan on gas swaps from neighboring countries to the Republic of Azerbaijan, such as Turkmenistan, adding: "Good agreements were reached on the gas contract to Nakhichevan."

The minister noted the development of oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea as another focus of negotiations with the Azerbaijani delegation and said: "Initial talks were held in this regard and expert delegations of the two countries are negotiating."

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He expressed hope that in the coming weeks' good agreements would be signed with Azerbaijan in the oil, gas, and development of Caspian oil and gas fields.

For his part, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan told the media: "The Republic of Azerbaijan and Iran are friendly and neighboring countries and there is a historical connection between the people of the two countries."

He said that there is successful cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan in all areas, especially energy, adding: "Cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan in the oil and gas sector has been fruitful."

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan stated that during the meeting with the Iranian Minister of Petroleum, the avenues of expanding cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector were discussed, adding: "Iran and Azerbaijan discussed a number of new projects in the energy sector. New documents will be signed in this regard."

Mustafaev noted the presence of a group of Azerbaijani experts in Iran and said: "This group is going to discuss the details of the talks between Iran and Azerbaijan." 


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