The Turkish army once again targeted the villages of Abu Rasin in the northwest of al-Hasakah with its artillery attacks.

Iran PressAsia: Under the pretext of fighting terrorists, the Turkish army has been occupying parts of the north and northeast of Syria for about two and a half years, and a group of Turkish soldiers are still present in these areas.

Turkish forces are continuously targeting the northern regions of al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo provinces in Syria, which has led to the killing of women and children in these areas and the destruction of infrastructures such as water and electricity networks and roads.

SANA news agency, citing local sources in Syria, reported that Turkish forces and their affiliated terrorist groups based in the villages of Aniq Al-Hawa and Al-Dawoodiyeh have targeted the two villages of "Al-Rabi'at" and "Umm Harmeleh" with cannons and rockets.

Local sources emphasized that Türkiye's frequent attacks have caused material damage to citizens' homes and, in addition, have disrupted the daily lives of residents.

A few days ago, the Turkish army targeted the villages of "Tal Al Ward", "Al Rabiat", "Kharba Al Sha'ir" and "Al Abush" in the suburbs of Abu Rasin, located in the northwest of Al Hasakah.

The Syrian citizens living in the northern regions of this country, who are fed up with the continuous threats of Türkiye and the actions of its mercenaries, have repeatedly demanded the expulsion of Turkish military forces and their mercenaries by holding demonstrations.

The Syrian government has repeatedly protested the Turkish military presence in Syria. 219

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