The permanent representative of Syria in the United Nations office in Geneva said that the actions of the Zionist regime in Palestine and Syria are war crimes and a violation of international law.

Iran PressEurope: Hussam al-Din Ala added on Friday at the UN Human Rights Council meeting about human rights in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.

Israel's continuous aggression on Syrian territory and the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure, including ports and airports, are a clear violation of international law and a war crime that endangers the lives of civilians.

He added: "The actions of this regime in Palestine and Syria have become one of its constant and reckless approaches to violating international laws, which is leading the region to unprecedented tension and conflicts."

Ala said: "Israel, as a regime created as a result of the occupation, continues to kill and commit crimes against the Palestinian people under the shadow of silence and double standards of its supporting Western countries."

He clarified: "The martyrdom of seven-year-old Rian Suleiman as a result of being chased by Zionist soldiers near the school and preventing him from being taken to the hospital which is a reminder of the other crimes of the occupiers for which they should be called to a justice court."

The permanent representative of Syria at the United Nations office in Geneva added: "The Israeli occupiers commit organized violations of human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan, and depriving Syrian citizens of the right to education, health, work, food, shelter, and dignified life which are examples of these actions."

Ala said that Israel's illegal settlements in Palestine and the Syrian Golan are the main cause of human rights violations in these areas, adding that Syria emphasizes its right to reclaim the occupied Golan as a right recognized by international laws and United Nations resolutions and the will of the Syrian people.

Ala added: "We condemn the actions taken by the Zionist regime in order to stabilize the occupation of the Syrian Golan and ask all the countries of the world not to recognize these unilateral aggressive actions."

He stated: "Syria once again emphasizes the right of the Palestinian nation to establish an independent state with al-Quds as its capital and the right of refugees to return in line with the implementation of UN resolutions and also supports the liberation of the occupied territories of Lebanon."