Syria (IP) - The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Israeli regime launched a new aggression on Syria in order to cover up its failures and create another crisis in the region.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  Issuing a statement on Saturday, Syria's Foreign Ministry said the Israeli entity committed a new aggression against Syria today morning, in a new attempt to cover up its failure to achieve its objectives and avoid facing reality by creating a regional crisis.

As SANA reported, the Syrian ministry stated: "Israeli entity does not fully understand that the murder of Palestinian children and the deprivation of the Palestinian people of water, food and medicine will only consolidate the resistance of the heroic Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza."

The statement pointed to some Western states' support for the Israeli regime noting that the main reason for the war is the continuation of the Israeli regime's occupation of Palestine and the fact that some in the West have gone so far as to be complicit in the genocide in Gaza and grant immunity to Israel. 

It called on the stop of the Israeli war on Gaza before it would be extended to other regions, and demanded for the measures to terminate the regime's aggressions on Syria and southern Lebanon.

The ministry concluded that Syria reiterated absolute support for the people in the occupied Palestinian territory and their right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds as its capital.


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