Khartoum (IP) - The consequences of the civil war in Sudan continue to affect the lives of the people in this country, and famine and lack of food security are part of the crisis of this devastating war.

Iran Press/Africa: Residents of the Omdurman area, west of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, are unable to prepare meals, and common kitchens for food preparation are also facing a serious challenge due to the lack of facilities and raw materials.

The people of Omdurman region, west of Khartoum, cannot prepare food on their own, and the minimum meals are provided to the people of this region by common kitchens.

Most of the residents of this region in western Sudan depend on meals from communal kitchens because their sources of income have been cut off due to the Sudanese war.

The goal of the volunteers to provide free meals is to encourage people to return to the war-torn region of Omdurman, which is facing a large wave of war refugees. 219

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