Successful mission of navy fleet; sign of Iran's authority: Army cmdr.

Tehran (IP) - The commander of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran hailed the success of the mission of the Navy and described it as a sign of Iran's authority in the world.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with the IRIB news agency on Thursday, Brigadier General Abdulrahim Mousavi said that the enemies have launched a psychological operation since the time when the Iranian navy fleet left Iran and got near the Cape of Good Hope threats. 

Yet, Brigadier General Mousavi said: "Hoisting its national flag, Iran's 75th navy fleet crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea before the enemies' eyes and made its way to the Red Sea."

The enemies could not do anything about the fleet and did not dare to approach it, he reiterated.

Consisting of the Iranian 'Sahand' destroyer and 'Makran' big ship, the fleet entered the territorial waters of Iran after 133 days of sailing in the high seas and oceans and over 44,000 kilometers. 


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