London (IP) - London Underground workers went on strike due to living problems and the inefficiency of the British government, but this has created many problems for the capital's residents.

Iran PressEurope: The British capital was hit by a heavy city traffic jam on Tuesday, with hundreds of thousands of government and office workers arriving late for work, according to an Iran Press correspondent in London.

The economic woes due to Brexit, the Ukraine war, and rising oil and commodity prices are bottlenecking the ordinary life of British people in a way that the number of people who need state support and confused immigrants and economic bankruptcies are increasing exponentially.

In an interview with Iran Press, some Londoners blamed the metro workers' strike on the policies of the capitalist system.

"My children normally use the subway to go to school, and with this strike, many arrived late for work. Of course, I myself support the strikers, and this strike is expanding," said a Londoner who waited for hours for public transport in an interview with Iran Press in London.

"After two years of quarantine due to the coronavirus, this situation and the strike are very difficult to bear," a female citizen in London told Iran Press.

The observations of an Iran Press report show that British businesses are suffering more than any other group in this strike; for example, hanging glasses in British restaurants on Tuesday showed that the class suffered the most damage.

Metro workers in Britain say they will go on strike for three days this week to protest the government's economic policies.

This is the largest strike by British subway workers in 30 years and is set to continue on Thursday and Saturday. About 40,000 British Metro workers took part in the unprecedented strike, news sources said.


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