Kerman (IP) -The Iranian President stressed that the backlogs and instances of backwardness in every part of the country must be solved and compensated for by means of a spirit of jihad, and we all have a responsibility in this regard.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the opening ceremony of water supply from Nasa dam to Bam and Baravat cities, 15 electricity industry projects and Sirjan sewage treatment plant in Kerman Province on Friday, Ebrahim Raisi said: "We have problems in water supply, electricity supply and sewage that should have been resolved in previous years, but for any reason, jihad work must be done to reduce these water problems and compensate for the lack of electricity production."



Stating that the compensation of the backlogs in the government has started, Iran's President added: "With respect to the former officials for all the work they have done in the past, the compensation of the backlogs, which is only possible with a spirit of jihad, is necessary."

Raisi said: "It cannot be said that now that a project is 10 years behind, let's see what can be done. The projects should be completed, and the people should benefit from their effort, and this objective can be achieved through the jihadi work."

He listed the results of jihadi work in this government, the exploitation of the water supply project for Bam and Barvat, the Sirjan sewage treatment plant, and the exploitation of 15 electrification projects in various parts of Kerman province, saying: "The power generation front for all managers and everyone who works in the field of production is ready in all fields, especially to solve people's water and electricity problems.


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