Islamabad (IP): Allama Muhammad Amin Shaheedi, the head of Ummat E Wahida Pakistan praised The Leader Ayatollah Khamenei as the leader of humanity and the voice of every oppressed.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking to Iran Press, Allama Muhammad Amin Shaheedi said that European countries, the US and the Western think tanks are aware that Muslims have a future in all these areas. When they came to this conclusion, they started looking for ways to compete with Islam. What they understood was to keep people away from Islam by any means, and for that, the face of Islam should be distorted. 

Various tactics were used to distort the face of Islam and keep people away from Islam and the Qur'an such as religious issues, introducing weak points among Muslims, promoting inter-people conflicts, and then the establishment of organizations such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Tahrir and Boko Haram and their distortion of Islamic identity. One aspect of this project is the insulting of the Holy Quran and holy marks, he added.

Allam Muhammad Amin Shaheedi said that at this time, different kinds of acts are seen in the Western world regarding the Holy Quran and every day there is some kind of insulting act, then the capitalist system is done through the media and promotes it in the world. Its main purpose is to keep people away from the Holy Qur'an and not let them get close to the Holy Qur'an, to keep people away from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and not to let them get to know him.  But the Holy Qur'an is the eternal message and book of Allah, the Qur'an has been preserved till today and will remain so in the future.  Despite all these efforts, its example is like that of a lamp which is tried to blow out, but that effort never succeeds.

While talking about the Week of Unity the Head of Ummat E Wahida Pakistan said that Imam Khomeini (RA) has provided an opportunity to connect the Muslims of the whole world by announcing the celebration of the birth dates of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a Week of Unity between Shia's and Sunnis from 12 Rabi al-Awwal to 17 Rabi al-Awwal. The purpose of the Week of Unity is that the Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Qur'an should be made the means to reach Allah, all Muslims worship Allah and the way to reach Allah is either the Holy Qur'an or the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

He further added, “In other words, these days bind us together, not break us. These days tell us how to spread the knowledge of the Prophet (PBUH). These days do not teach us to hate each other, these days are the days to purify our hearts by devoting ourselves to the love of the Prophet (PBUH). The concept of unity is not from any sect but it is the essence of Quranic teaching”.


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