Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman for the Iranian Parliament's Presiding Board, said that Afghanistan is very important to Iran and the decision made by the Afghan nation for their future would be respected by Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Nezamoldin Mousavi, the Spokesman for Iranian Parliament's Presiding Board, while referring to recent developments in Afghanistan, especially the Americans leaving the country after twenty years, called it as the reason behind Tuesday's closed session of the parliament with the commander of the IRGC's Quds Force in attendance.

Mousavi said at a parliament session on Tuesday that the Quds Force Commander Brigadier-General Esmaeil Ghaani provided strong, well-documented and accurate information.

"A number of lawmakers expressed their views and concerns. What can be said is that we are primarily following the developments in Afghanistan because it is important to us from different aspects and has a long-standing friendship with us," Iran's senior parliamentarian added.

Mousavi said: "For the Iranian people, the developments in Afghanistan are important. The decision that the people of Afghanistan would make for their country and their future is respected by the people and Iran."

"In Brigadier General Ghaani's remarks, it became clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran is well informed about Afghanistan," stated Iran's top parliamentarian.

Mousavi went on to conclude that while the Americans have become too weak to run Afghanistan, the Iranian diplomatic apparatus became active in the field of Afghan developments.


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