IP- According to the AFP news agency, senior representatives from Hamas and Yemen's Ansarullah officials recently convened a rare meeting to discuss coordinating their efforts against the Israeli regime.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Citing sources from Hamas and Islamic Jihad who chose to remain anonymous, the news agency reported that leaders from these Palestinian groups, along with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, engaged in what was described as an "important meeting" with Yemen's Ansarullah representatives last week.

The discussions reportedly focused on establishing "mechanisms to coordinate their resistance actions" for the "next stage" of the conflict in Gaza. However, the exact location of the meeting was not disclosed.

Sources also shared with AFP that the groups addressed concerns about a potential Israeli ground assault on Rafah.

Yemen's army has responded to the Israeli regime's offensive in Gaza, which commenced last October, by targeting shipping in the Red Sea.

More recently, the group announced its intention to escalate these attacks.


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