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Al Hudaydah (IP) – The Yemeni Oil Company announced that the Saudi coalition had seized another Yemeni fuel-carrying ship on Saturday.

Iran PressMiddle East: Spokesman for Yemen Petroleum Company, Essam Al-Mutawakel, stated that the US-backed Saudi aggressor coalition seized the "Tiara" ship carrying diesel fuel near Al Hudaydah port, according to Almasirah.

He noted that Saudi-US aggressors had seized the ship, violating the truce once again despite having a UN permit, the report says.

With the seizure of the "Tiara" ship, the number of fuel ships captured by the Saudi-led coalition has increased to four, Al-Mutawakel added.

He also underlined that the UN had not taken any positive action to end the aggressor coalition's piracy.

The spokesman for Yemen Petroleum Company had said on Friday night that the Saudi aggressor coalition still confiscates three Yemeni ships carrying fuel.


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