Tehran (IP)-The head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration emphasized that sanctions are the leading cause of problems for thalassemia patients.

Iran PressIran news: The inhumane sanctions of the United States and the European governments aligned with the White House have created many problems for patients in Iran.

Haider Mohammadi, the head of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran, pointed to the disloyalty of the foreign company that produces drugs for thalassemia patients in setting up oral drug production lines for thalassemia patients inside the country; he criticized the problems of supplying drugs for these patients and the foreign party's compliance with the laws related to sanctions.

Mohammadi said: "Although the foreign company was supposed to produce this drug in the country and the Iranian counterpart made a large investment, after two years of investment, they suddenly announced that they would not provide the raw material."

The head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration added: "The delay in sending these drugs from the Swiss company and reducing their amount will cause patients and families who are not compatible with domestically produced drugs to suffer."

Mohammadi pointed out: "The Swiss company has always created problems in sending medicine for thalassemia patients to Iran and is one of the companies that has always been subject to sanctions."


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