The Russian military announced that they destroyed an ammunition warehouse in the Odesa region of Ukraine, where American Himars missiles were kept, with cruise missiles.

Iran PressEurope: Russia said on Sunday that its Kalibr missiles had destroyed an ammunition depot containing missiles for a U.S.-made HIMARS rocket in Ukraine's southeastern Odesa region, while Kyiv said a granary had been hit.

Russia's defence ministry said sea-based Kalibr missiles had destroyed a depot that also housed Western-made anti-aircraft systems.

A spokesman for Odesa's regional administration said two missiles had been shot down over the sea, but that three had struck agricultural targets.

Russia's defence ministry also said its forces had destroyed two M777 Howitzers in combat positions in the Kherson region, as well as a fuel depot in the Zaporizhzhia region that it said was storing more than 100 tonnes of diesel fuel. 219

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