Tehran (IP) - The President called the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA and the non-fulfillment of European countries' obligations according to the deal, as factors in the gradual reduction of Iran's obligations.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the congratulatory ceremony of the ambassadors of the countries to the president on the occasion of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which was held in the Summit Hall on Tuesday evening, Hassan Rouhani said: "Tomorrow, February 10, is a very important and historic day for us. The day when our nation was able to achieve victory with unity and solidarity against a regime armed to the teeth and fully supported by the United States and some other great countries of the world."

He stressed: "Today, no one can say why Iran does not take the first step."

The President noted: "This day is happy for us because of independence. This day is also blessed for the world because Iran became a democracy and a republic. The call of this system from 42 years ago until today has been peace, the stability of negotiations to achieve friendship with different countries."

Rouhani said: "Although two wars were imposed on us during these years, one war by Saddam and one war by Trump, but we resisted both aggressions with resistance and patience, and we won both wars. The one who imposed the first war on our nation has vanished and there is nothing but shame for him and Trump who imposed the economic war on us, was granted nothing but shame and disgrace." 

The President said: "A year has passed with great suffering for all nations because of COVID-19 and it has passed harder for our nation. Because all the nations of the world wanted to use their money for medical equipment, food, medicine and vaccines, they were free except the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose financial resources were not provided by the cruel and illegal US sanctions, except with great difficulty."

Emphasizing that COVID-19 was a great test in the world for humanity, cooperation and helping each other, the head of the government said: "In this great test, the Trump administration was defeated and during this period, the Iranian people use their own financial resources to deal with COVID-19, once it did not take favorable action, and in the new US administration to date, we have not seen a proper and correct action."

He noted: "The new US administration, which claims that it wants to confront COVID-19 and open the hands of nations to counter this COVID-19, at least has not taken any action against the Iranian nation and the Iranian government to date, but at the same time our nation was able to pass its way successfully in this experiment as well."

Rouhani added: "We produce the necessary sanitary equipment and medicines that could have been effective for COVID in the country." All equipment for special rooms is produced by our knowledge-based companies and we even export some of them." 

The president added: "In addition, in the field of vaccines, to date, the three major institutes of Barkat, Razi, and Pasteur have received clinical trial licenses, and we will see in the coming months that people will use domestically produced vaccines." 

He said: "I am glad that vaccination started in Iran this morning and we did not spare any effort in taking action against this virus."


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