A member of Israel’s War Cabinet cast doubt on the country’s strategy for releasing captives held by Hamas, saying only a cease-fire can free them, as Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected the United States’ calls to scale back its genocide in Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The comments by Gadi Eisenkot, a former army chief, marked the latest sign of disagreement among top Israeli officials over the direction of the war against Hamas, now in its fourth month.

In his first public statements on the course of the war, Eisenkot said that claims the dozens of captives could be freed by means other than a cease-fire amounted to spreading “illusions” — an implicit criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who heads the five-member War Cabinet and who insists that pursuing the war will win their release.

Eisenkot’s statements came as some relatives of captives have intensified their protests, a sign of mounting frustration over the government’s seeming lack of progress toward a deal to release the remaining captives.


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