World Islamic Awakening Forum:

Tehran (IP) - The World Islamic Awakening Forum condemned the Israeli crimes in Gaza via statement and emphasized that Resistance with initiative, creativity, and the power of faith will give a resounding response to the Zionist regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: From Monday to Sunday evening, Israeli fighter jets attacked Gaza, which was met with a decisive response from the Islamic Jihad Al-Quds Brigades.

These attacks left 45 Palestinians killed and 360 others injured and caused much destruction of houses and other properties of people.

Finally, Resistance missiles forced the Zionist regime to accept the ceasefire agreement.

The Zionists' attacks on Gaza faced a wave of condemnation at the international level, especially in the Islamic world.

The World Islamic Awakening Forum, in a statement condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime, emphasized the continuance of Resistance and standing up until victory.

The statement of the World Islamic Awakening Forum states: "We witnessed the brutal and cruel attack of the Zionist usurper regime on the oppressed people of Gaza, the people who have suffered oppression, betrayal and all kinds of economic, political, security and military pressures for more than seventy years but they have shown patience and resistance against all atrocities and crimes."

" West, led by the United States and Europe, provided every support to the illegitimate and child-killing regime while no reaction was observed from the human rights advocates."

The World Islamic Awakening Forum stated that the United States and the Westerners shamelessly considered the defense of Israel as a legitimate right. With the double human rights standards, they removed the veil from their hated face in front of public opinion.

In the end, the World Islamic Awakening Forum emphasized: "In recent months, we have witnessed the breaking of the taboo of the relations of some Arab countries with the usurping Zionist regime, and the reason for the arrogance, cruelty, and wickedness of this regime is the betrayal caused by some puppet rulers in the region."


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