The top commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi has emphasised that the time for flaunting of the US naval power in the Persian Gulf region is well and truly over.

Iran PressIran news: Rear Admiral Khanzadi made the remark as a joint naval exercise and show of power by the Iranian, Russian, and Chinese Navies reached its culmination in the Sea of Oman and the northern Indian ocean.

He pointedly remarked: "The Americans have tried hard to isolate Iran. But their efforts have not worked. The joint naval exercises by Iran, Russia, and China illustrate this point very well. We are certainly not isolated and if anything, we are cooperating and working more closely with our allies than ever before."

Speaking to reporters about the joint Iran-Russia-China Naval drill, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said: "The maritime defense and security cooperation with the recent drill, reflects the development of relations and cooperation between the three countries at the highest level, stressing that US efforts to make the region insecure is fading away."

He said: "We invite all countries in the region to join this kind of regional cooperation for the next time to ensure the best possible security in the region," he said.

"Those who did not expect an Iranian-led regional coalition and wanted Iran's isolation and imposed cruel sanctions on the Islamic Republic today are seeing not only all the investment and sanctions they have imposed are wasted but it also brought about the convergence of regional powers, that is, the region will stand on its feet," Khanzadi added.

So far, the Americans have made every effort to impose undesirable security arrangements on the region, such as piracy in which they were indirectly involved, for sure.

In this way, they wanted to pressure the countries of the region to pay more for the security of the free economy. In my opinion, the example of this proverb that 'A fox smells its own lair first' is the US and that they are scared of the coalition.


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