Iran (IP) - In an exclusive interview, the President Islamic Republic of Iran said that situation has changed compared to the past and the Israeli regime cannot ensure its own security in the occupied territories.

Iran PressIran news: Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, in an interview with Almayadeen, pointed out the internal problems of the Israeli regime and added: "Today, treaties like Sharm el-Sheikh, Oslo and Camp David cannot bring any security to this regime, and, the decision rests in the hands of the Palestinian Mujahideen, not at the table of political negotiations."

Regarding Iran's military and defense capabilities, he said: In terms of military and defense capabilities, we have not only reached self-sufficiency, but have also become one of the leading countries in the defense industry.

Raisi emphasized that the Iranian people are the source of the country's strength and that is the reason that enemies can't commit any foolishness.

Iranian President recalled the popular events commemorating the victory of the Islamic Revolution and International Al-Quds Day. The Iranian people covered the streets nationwide to take part in commemorating this event, he added.

Iran believes that the expertise accumulated by the Islamic Republic can be set as an example for other nations.

He pointed to the empty threats of the Israeli regime and said that this regime knows very well that it will never be able to confront Iran.


Iran-Saudi rapprochement

President Raisi announced that since he took office, his government's policy is to prioritize establishing friendly ties with neighboring countries and developing bilateral relations in several areas, including the political, economic, cultural, and social fields.

Raisi continued that Iran and Saudi Arabia are two major countries in West Asia, and the two countries have an important and influential political and social impact in the region.

The relations between the two countries can bear many benefits for the region, the President said.

"Therefore, we welcomed the restoration of these relations, and certainly the relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the rest of the Islamic countries, would help to exchange expertise between countries of the region," Raisi said.

Raisi further pointed to the Zionist regime's anger towards the return of Iran-Saudi relations and said: the enemies, especially the Tel Aviv regime, are angry about this and the reason for this is the effort they are making to create division.

Addressing the Arab nations, he advised people to listen to a comprehensive analysis made by Iranian leader Sayyed Khamenei earlier during the holy month of Ramadan, which concluded that the world is pivoting in the opposite direction to unipolarity and toward a new order.

"Today, the circumstances are pivoting in favor of the Resistance and against the Zionist entity," Raisi emphaszied.

"Day after day, the Zionist entity is heading toward its demise," the political and social situation within "Israel" is unprecedented, he added.


Syria's significant role in resistance front

With regard to Syria, Iranian President said: "Syria has always been on the frontlines of the Axis of Resistance, whether during the time of President Bashar Al-Assad’s father, the late Hafez Al-Assad, or during the tenure of President Bashar Al-Assad."

The US, through the creation and funding of ISIS and the takfiri factions, and through the sowing of sedition in Syria, and other militant groups, was seeking to divide Syria, he said.

"Today, the circumstances have drastically changed in Syria, and the difference is that it is known that the Resistance has paid off," and with all fairness, "President Bashar Al-Assad has stood firm, and he deserves appreciation," the Iranian president stressed.

According to Raisi, Lebanon, Hezbollah, the Syrian people, and Iran were on the battlefront to prevent the nation from being carved up and divided, and the resistance of the Syrian people is worthy of praise, as the actions of the Syrian people and government are very impressive and bring pride.

At present time, he said, "many countries all over the world have come to the realization that Syria is not one to fail and be dealt defeats, and they have come to reconsider their ties with it."

He also explained that Iran welcomes Syria's rapprochement with numerous countries all over the world, especially those in the region and the Islamic World. 

Raisi continued: "We must expose this lie of the US government who claim that they are fighting terrorism and let the whole world know that they are managing terrorism and not fighting it."

Iran's President also touched on the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps' Quds Force commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, saying he was a hero in the fight against terrorism, lauding his role in the resistance struggle in Syria and Iraq. "The people of the region and its youths are very proud of martyr Soleimani, and he has become a school of thought for our people and the resistance's youth all over the region." Raisi noted.




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