Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Friday that Iranian armed forces prevented geopolitical and border changes and succeeded in this task.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the Nationwide Military Parade held to mark the 43rd anniversary of Holy Defense on Friday morning, Iran's president said: "Our armed forces prevented any geopolitical changes and border changes and were successful in this.

 President Raisi  went on to say: "Sacred defense was a manifestation of people's faith." Our armed forces are from the people, with the people and standing by the people."

Raisi further added: "We saw a lot of glory in the Holy Defense. The presence of women, mothers, and wives who escorted their children, lovers, and spouses to the battlefronts of right against wrong, these were and are exemplary women."

Raisi added: "These days are a reminder of the resistance of the armed forces and the nation against the enemy. The holy defense had many memorable effects and lessons. It was a manifestation of godliness and sincerity."

Raisi further stressed: "Holy defense was a manifestation of people's faith. Our armed forces belong to the people, are with the people and are with the people. The armed forces are with the people in hardtimes, both in overcoming hardships and in maintaining their security."

Raisi continued: "There were people who supported the fronts alongside the armed forces in the war. That was at a time when the minimum military facilities and equipment were not provided to us, but today the armed forces have turned from a storehouse of other people's military equipment into a producer of modern and advanced weapons, and this is the cry of our armed forces saying: "We can". Today, we say with all our strength that one of the manifestations of the authority of the Islamic Republic is the authority of our armed forces."

Stating that the people were always with the armed forces and the armed forces were with the people, the president said: "Today in the Islamic Republic, as the Fatah missile and the Mohajer drone are unveiled, the Islamic Republic becomes a member of global agreements and strives for economic and commercial growth and has a say in science and technology in the world."

He emphasized: "Today, our country has reached areas that others could not imagine. Today, this level of acquiring new knowledge is surprising for other countries in our meetings with them."

He further said: "Today, the Islamic Republic is a governance model combining spirituality and democracy. We can teach the people of the region that today is the way of resistance and standing. What forces the enemy to retreat is not surrender, faltering, and falling short, but resistance and standing.

Stating that the presence of our forces in the region and the Persian Gulf is a security factor, the president stated: "Unlike the foreign armed forces, whose presence is a problem and creates a crisis. Today, our country has turned sanctions into an opportunity for growth. Today, our slogan is the union of the army and the IRGC, the union of Basij with the Law Enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the union of the armed forces with the people, this manifestation of unity is truly commendable."

Raisi emphasized:" We are proud of the weapons made by our efficient and young forces, but more than that, we are proud of our efficient, expert and committed forces. Powerful and capable armed forces are considered the support of the country and the nation of Iran in all regional and global equations and have the power of deterrence."

Elsewhere, Raisi Said: "The presence of our forces in the Persian Gulf region is a security factor, unlike foreign forces whose presence is the most important concern of the people of the region."

 Raisi then elaborated: "They thought that we will stop by imposing sanctions. An example of the failure of sanctions is the progress of our armed forces. Today, our slogan is the unity of the armed forces with the people and the expansion of the Islamic Republic in the region and the world. This union is commendable. We are proud of the military equipment made by our beloved youth, but more than that, we are proud of the skilled and hardworking human force."

Raisi said: "We have stated many times that the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime does not create security for the countries of the region. Today, all nations hate the Zionist regime. If people or governments think that normalizing relations can normalize things, it will not be so. This serves as stabbing in the back of the Palestinian nation, and the Palestinian nation and the resistance organizations in Palestine will not forgive it."

Then Raisi continued: "The solution for Palestine is not to normalize the relations and agreements of Sharm el-Sheikh, Oslo and Camp David, the solution is the same as the Leader of the Islamic revolution announced that all the Palestinian people, Muslims, Christians and Jews, should vote for the government of this country."

The National Military Parade of the armed forces started this morning (Friday, 31st of Shahrivar, September 22, 2023) with the presence of President Ayatollah Raisi, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and senior commanders of the armed forces in front of the holy shrine of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution.


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