Tehran (IP) - Iran's President stressed dialogue as the solution to Armenia-Azerbaijan disputes while rejecting any intervention of foreigners in the Caucuses region.

Iran PressIran news: The Secretary of the National Security Council of Armenia arrived in Tehran on Sunday at the head of a delegation to meet with Iranian officials.

Receiving the Secretary of Armenian National Security Council Armen Grigoryan on Wednesday in Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi stressed the respect for the region's territorial integrity and considered any geopolitical change in the Caucuses region to the detriment of the region. 

Putting an emphasis on the security of the Armenians living in the Karabakh region and the protection of their rights, Raisi said Iran was ready to cooperate for the maintenance of peace and security in the Caucuses region.  

Grigoryan, for his part, presented a report about the latest developments in the Caucuses region and appreciated the Islamic Republic for its support for respecting the region's territorial integrity and national sovereignty. 

Grigoryan's trip to Tehran takes place after the recent developments in the Karabakh region followed by the establishment of a ceasefire and the dissolution of the self-proclaimed republic in the region.

Iran had previously stated that the security of the joint borders with its northern neighbors is vitally important and it defends the security of its borders with authority.


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