Kabul (IP) - The 27th edition of the Al-Mustafa International University Quranic Festival and Competition in Afghanistan was held for about five months, said the cultural deputy of the Al-Mustafa University of Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: Al-Mustafa International University is a scientific and international institution that aims to expand Islamic, human, and social sciences with an educational, research, and training approach, and this scientific institution is represented in various Islamic countries, including Afghanistan.

In an interview with IranPress in Kabul, Hassan Hosseini-Balkhabi, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Al-Mustafa International University in Afghanistan, stated that the Quranic Festival in Afghanistan will last for four and a half months (from the beginning of autumn to the end of February) in two parts: orally and in writing.

The Deputy Minister of Culture of the Al-Mustafa International University of Afghanistan added that women, men, Shiites, Sunnis, students, and scholars from 13 provinces of Afghanistan participated in the festival and the Quranic competitions of this scientific institution and competed with each other.

Hassan Hosseini-Balkhabi stated that the purpose of holding the 27th Quranic Festival and Competition of the Mustafa Society in Afghanistan is to motivate the new generation and students to have more contact with the Holy Quran because the goal is the Quranic life.

At the end of the 27th edition of the festival and Quranic competitions of the Mustafa Society in Afghanistan, the selected individuals were awarded prizes in both oral and written sections.


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