Tehran (IP) - To shore up its deterrence power, the Islamic Republic of Iran has manufactured and unveiled new ballistic missiles with effective ranges; Qiyam is one of the ballistic missiles.

Qiyam is a ballistic missile enjoying a single-step liquid engine, which has made it capable of flying up to 200 km and hitting a target within a range of 800 km, carrying a warhead of 650 kg.

It is 11.5 m in length, a diameter of about 90 cm, and an overall weight of 6 tons.

The prototype of the present ballistic missile, Qiyam 1, was unveiled in 2010 as the first Iranian vaneless missile working with liquid fuel.

The missile then was developed to Qiyam 2 with a maximum range of 1,000 km (and a minimum of 100 km) and a hitting error beyond 50 km.   

Qiyam 2 has a warhead of about 600kg and its velocity reaches 2,935 m/s; its final weight is 7,029 kg, and it takes 20 minutes to prepare it for launch. 


Evading from being tracked, identified, and hit by the enemy's anti-missile systems; Having mobile auncher; Variability of range; Radar evasiveness; High precision; and Raining warhead.


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