Russian President, addressing the Third International Olympiad on Financial Security, stated that the creation of a multipolar world, more honest and fair for the majority of people, is inevitable and historically necessary,

Iran PressEurope: On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the countries controlling the world's currencies are at the forefront of a financial pyramid that does not favor most of humankind.

“The process of building a multipolar world order – more democratic, more honest, fair for the majority of mankind – is simply inevitable and historically necessary. This fully applies to the creation of strong economic foundations of such a world order,” Putin stressed.

In addition, the Russian president emphasized that those who seize other people’s assets are apparently not exceptionally intelligent.

During his speech, Putin spoke about a joint project between a number of central banks in Asia and the Middle East that allows them to issue and exchange digital currencies.

Putin suggested that international trade based on the US dollar "does not align with the current interests of most humankind." As a result, a growing number of countries are trading with each other using their national currencies.

"The world is gradually breaking free from the dictatorship of this financial and economic model," the Russian leader said, explaining that the hegemonic monetary system aims to increase the indebtedness of countries to make them colonial servants. 219