Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who came to establish human dignity, came from a noble family, but he behaved humbly with his people. Here are some of the characteristics of the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Iran PressIran News: He was the Prophet of Mercy, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

- When walking, he walked calmly and with dignity.

- He greeted everyone whom he saw, and nobody greeted him earlier than he did.

- When shaking hands with someone, he did not pull his hand out sooner than the person did.

- He associated with people in such a way that everyone thought they were the dearest person for him.

- He never looked at people for long and did not stare.

- He had this long silence and did not speak until he needed to.

- Whenever he talked to someone, he listened to his words well.

- When entering any gathering, he would sit near the door, not in the place for the top guests.

- He never relied on anywhere in the presence of people.

- If someone had made a mistake, he would have never quoted it.

- He did not blame anyone for slipping and making mistakes in speech.

- He often communicated and spent time with the poor and ate with them.


Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, resting place of Prophet Muhammad
Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, resting place of Prophet Muhammad 


- He accepted the gift even though it was the size of a sip of milk.

-More than others, he would keep on visiting relatives.

- Whoever made an excuse, he would accept it.

- He never despised anyone.

- He never insulted anyone or called them with bad titles.

- He was wary of the people, but he did not shy away from them and was kind to everyone.

- He never condemned the people and did not praise them much.

- He was patient with the courage of others and punished evil for good.

- He visited the patients, although it was the most remote place of Medina.

- He was sitting in a circle with his friends, and if a stranger came to them, he could not recognize which one of them he was.

- He was the most loyal person to the covenant and promise.

- Whenever he gave something to the poor, he would give it to the poor person himself and would not request anyone do so.

- If he was praying and a child was crying, he would shorten his prayer.

- The dearest people to him were the ones whose good deeds reached others more.

- No one was disappointed with him, and he said: "Tell me about the needs of the one who cannot meet me to express his needs."

- Whenever someone asked him for something he needed, he would allow it if possible; otherwise, he would satisfy him with a kind word and a good promise.

- He respected the elders very much and was very kind to the children.

- By doing good to the wicked, he would win their hearts and fascinate them.

- He was always smiling and at the same time, he was very afraid of God.

- Most often, he had a smile, and his voice did not rise to laughter.

- He used jokes to make people laugh; he did not utter nonsense.

- His patience always outweighed his anger.


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