IP- Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters have begun gathering in London for a protest urging an end to Israel's attacks in Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Last weekend, 100,000 people took to the streets of the capital demanding an end to the bombing in Gaza, and police expect similar numbers again.

Rallies are expected in many UK cities, including Manchester, Belfast, and Glasgow.

The demos come as Israel expands its strikes, three weeks after Hamas launched an attack on its territory.

It brings back memories of the huge demonstrations that took place in London in 2003 against the invasion of Iraq. 

The public anger now is directed towards the British government and other European governments accused of falling behind the US diplomatically and unequivocally supporting the Israeli government without taking into consideration the full situation.

Only a day ago, the UK’s senior lawyers – high court judges, and councilors – wrote an open letter to the British government echoing the public sentiment and demanding a ceasefire.

They also demanded the British government end potentially breaching the Geneva Conventions on human rights by essentially aiding and abetting a country that they believe is openly in breach of humanitarian law.


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