Nowshahr (IP) - The Iranian President urged more attention to gender justice and the prominent role of women and the youth in various fields in the country more than ever.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Friday in a meeting with the people of West Mazandaran in Mosalla of Nowshahr city, said: "Gender justice should be taken into consideration more seriously. Women play a very important role in the production of Mazandaran, from their presence in the agriculture to cultural and social fields. The role of women is so prominent that wherever governments did not consider women in their calculations, the society suffered."

The government trusted the youth and wanted them to get involved in different activities, he stressed and continued: "It is essential to give the youth an opportunity, this government paid attention to this issue, and more attention should be paid to this human capacity."

Raisi said that youth should be trusted in the administrative bodies, and wherever the youth were present, they were effective, of course, veterans should be the light of the way.

Emphasizing that cities and villages should be developed, President Raisi said that four thousand billion Tomans have been allocated to develop roads in Mazandaran province.

President said: The measures taken to reach the goals of the sea-oriented economy in the country are not enough and more work should be done in this sector.

He added: Some countries, despite having a small and limited coast, have a lot of gross production from this advantage and ability; But with 5,000 kilometers of coastal strip across the country, we have a three to four percent income, while this figure is around 50 percent in some countries.

The government is the servant of the people and problems should be solved by the government, Raisi said, stating that the "Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that this year is the year of production leap with the participation of the people, which means that the problems should be solved with the presence and participation of the people.

"Solving the problems of the province requires the participation of people in different sectors," He concluded.