New York (IP)- At the meeting with the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the sideline of UNGA, Iran's President called for a long-term cooperation program, eradication of the barriers, and implementation of the joint commission between Iran and Malaysia.

Iran PressAmerica: On Wednesday, September 20, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi met the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim. 

The very good progress of Iran and Malaysia in scientific, technological, industrial, and medicine were called the playgrounds for developing interactions and increasing the level of cooperation between the two countries.

Along with economic and commercial ties, "culture" was termed as one of the very important capacities for expanding the relations by the Iranian president, adding that Iran is interested in expanding its cultural ties with Malaysia.     

The Malaysian Prime Minister expressed his country's interest in developing bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and praised Iran's significant progress in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, science and technology, and military.

Elsewhere, the Malaysian top diplomat emphasized regional and international cooperation, saying: "We deeply believe that no foreign intervention should prevent cooperation between the two Muslim countries of Iran and Malaysia." 


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