Isfahan (IP): The president said that the Investment in industries such as steel, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, etc. is the need of the country today.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press, the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said at noon on Friday at the inauguration ceremony of the first phase of Shahid Haj Ahmad Kazemi in Mobarakeh Steel Company's combined-cycle power plant: "Production is a serious necessity for the country, we had successes for which we "should thank God.

He added: "Quantitative and qualitative growth in steel can bring production growth."

The president added:" It is very important to separate the electricity, water and gas industries from the household sector and we have entered this field and the steel industry has been successful."

The need to pay attention to the production of green steel

President Raisi stated that green steel should be put on the agenda and we should have a plan for its development, and he said: "It is very important for us to be self-sufficient which can place our steel at a high level in the region and the world and It produces power."

Raisi said: "The growth of production makes production stronger, empowers our country in the economy, and we will not be harmed in the face of impulses."

He stated that the enemy thinks that he can stop and reverse the production and continued:

"All the enemy's effort is to prevent the country from economic growth and this is despite the fact that our economic growth reached 6.7% this spring and this It confuses the enemy, is it possible for a country under sanctions and threats to grow this much?"

Pointing out that today's powerful Iran is the capital of the pure blood of the great martyrs, the president added: "We have people who, in every place and town, are working to implement the orders of the Muslim guardian and imam, and to create peace in the hearts of the people, and independence, freedom, and the republican system. They preserve Islam and raise their heads proudly."

President Raisi said that after a short visit to some of the Mobarakeh Steel sectors and the statements of the workers, we came to the conclusion that there is a firm determination to make Iran proud and create a sense of security and hope in the industry, and said: "The director says that we will bring the growth of production to a certain place." For people to feel hope and security, this is the message of the dear ones and the workers of Foulad Mobarakeh, which happens with steel determination, strong determination and hope for the future.

He added: "Works in Foulad Mobarakeh are going on with precise planning, good goals have been set, this group is taking firm steps with a plan, goal, strong faith and will definitely reach a position of its dignity."

He added: "If the officials of Mobarake steel wanted to be satisfied with what was in the past 30 years, I should not have seen this development, having a plan for self-sufficiency, independence and movement, and as the steel workers say, from stone to color and more from stone to color and all the transformations that It happens in people's lives, it creates hope."

The President continued: "The Supreme Leader told all of us that the basic condition for success is faith and hope for the future, and we see these two conditions in Mubarake Steel, and the employees of this company see a very bright future and will create a very bright future. Beloved in this industry, the steps they take to solve the problems of the region around the steel industry will be effective."

He said: "Good services and social responsibilities have been provided in Foulad Mobarakeh, and people expect them to pay attention to their surroundings, the hospital, school, road, health center, etc. are very good works."

Fair payment in the government is on the agenda

Ayatollah Raisi stated that we need investment in industries and if there is no investment, we will not make progress, he added: "Today we need investment, I am talking to all the industries of the country and the officials of the government and parliament and to the decision makers. It is a country that if we do not invest, we will lag behind and we will not succeed, and if we invest, we will definitely benefit from the future."

He stated: "Today, if there is no investment in the industry, we cannot have a say in steel, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, etc., investment must be made. In addition to daily receipts and fulfilling social responsibilities, we should not neglect the investment for the industry itself, all industries are progressing, we must spend and invest in order to progress."

Regarding the problems of the Steel Fund, he also said: "We have fair payment in the agenda of the government so that everyone gets what they are entitled to. That should be fixed."

The president added: All the workers and employees of Mobarakeh  Steel companyare blessed with success

They play a role, they endure a lot of hardships in the cold and heat, and the product of your work creates authority and honor for the country, and may the Almighty God bless you and your families.


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