Tehran (IP): The Iranian President called the school as the center for raising hope in society.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech at an honoring ceremony of the Iranian exemplary teachers, the president of the Islamic Republic emphasized that the school is the center for raising hope in society and said: "The current events are such that problems may arise for the students, and the teachers should try to untie the mental knots of the students."

According to Iran Press, Ibrahim Raisi, the Iranian President, said: "The issue of education is the basis of building the country, protecting the society, the basis for cultural, economic, and social growth, the basis for getting to know the social harm and removing them from society is the basis for upgrading a generation."

The President further stated that education is responsible for solving all the harms that afflict society today, and reminded that education is responsible for solving all the concerns of people, sociologists, and those who condemn social harm and dear families. Based on this, education is the first issue in our country.

Ayatollah Raisi stated that the Islamic revolution as a cultural revolution has addressed culture, building human beings, and building a Quranic society, and stated: "An exemplary society will grow by looking at education and the main focus of that is the teacher to build the society. And the school will be for training people." 204