Iran president inaugurates 18 national utility projects in Hormozgan Province

Hormozgan (IP) - Iran's President on Thursday ordered the official inauguration of 18 national projects in the field of water and electricity in Hormozgan province investing of 2,667 billion tomans and job creation for 5,000 people.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hassan Rouhani on Thursday, while ordering the inauguration of water and electricity projects in Hormozgan province, was briefed thorough explanations provided by the directors of these projects.

Unit No. 1 of Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 175 MW, desalination system (desalination plant) of Bandar Abbas, water supply project to Bashagard city, 14 power transmission and distribution projects in Hormozgan province and 2 agricultural water supply projects and industrial town in Minab city, were among the plans and projects that were put into operation in Hormozgan province by the order of Iran's president on Thursday.

These projects include 60 km of low air pressure network, 24 km of low ground pressure network, 147 km of medium air pressure network, 11 km of medium pressure network, 345 air posts, and 55 ground posts and 4872 lights The lighting is the passages.

The aim of these projects is to reducing energy losses and increasing reliability by using modern equipment, increasing the safety and stability of the network, and as a result the satisfaction of people and subscribers with electricity services as the most important effects of these projects in Hormozgan.


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