Iran's President-elect Ebrahim Raisi said he is optimistic about the bright future of Iran, expressing hope that both his cabinet and Parliament will jointly focus on the country's top priorities.

Iran PressIran news: Raisi made the remark in a meeting with the members of Parliament’s different commissions here on Tuesday.

During the meeting, sixteen parliamentarians out of 200 participating in the session, briefed the president-elect and elaborated on the technical priorities of the country.

They also presented the proposals and views of their respective commissions which could potentially contribute to the success of the Raisi government's success and progress.

The president-elect, for his part, emphasizing the great importance of expert consultations, praised the parliamentarians’ views and sympathy for the government and the people, and welcomed their proposal for having regular joint government-parliament meetings.

The government and the parliament must heed to the priorities with a balanced viewpoint towards all areas and all walks of society, he said, adding that the needs of every single citizen and social class should be taken into consideration for rapid solving of problems.

The president-elect emphasized Iran's great asset which was the people’s support for the political system, as well as noticeable capacities in entire sectors, saying all these should be exploited to remove existing difficulties and limitations.

"I believe we need to cooperate to solve the people’s difficulties and hardships in a collective, round-the-clock effort to turn the situations in the favor of the people’s wellbeing," he added.

Raisi said that cooperation among the next government, the parliament, and the entire administrative system of the country can lead to great improvement in people’s lives, and such cooperation will also be a cause for pride and quite a revolutionary move.

"This cooperation must help revive hopes in the people’s hearts and this, in turn, will increase the system’s social capital," said the president-elect.

The session was convened to boost the parliament’s cooperation with the upcoming government.