IP - In a message to Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian assured him that Iran's support for the Resistance Front in the region will continue.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In response to Nasrallah's congratulatory message, Pezeshkian wrote: "The Islamic Republic has always supported the Resistance Groups in the region against the illegitimate Zionist regime. Supporting the resistance is rooted in the fundamental policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will continue with strength."

Addressing Nasrallah, the president-elect emphasized: "I am confident that the resistance movements in the region will not allow this regime to continue its warmongering and criminal policies against the oppressed people of Palestine and other nations of the region."

Pezeshkian's message highlights the unwavering commitment of the Islamic Republic to supporting resistance movements against the Zionist regime, emphasizing that this stance is rooted in the fundamental policies of the Islamic Republic and will continue with strength.

The president-elect's assurance to Nasrallah underscores Iran's continued support for the region's resistance movements, which is a key aspect of the country's foreign policy.

This support is seen as a crucial factor in the ongoing struggle against the Zionist regime and its aggressive policies towards the Palestinian people and other nations in the region.

The message also underscores the importance of the resistance movements in the region, emphasizing their role in resisting the Zionist regime's warmongering and criminal policies.

This emphasis highlights these movements' critical role in protecting the rights and interests of the oppressed people in the region.