Tehran (IP)- The Iranian President during a speech in Zanjan province said today we can tell the world that Iran is an industrial country, and many technologies have been achieved with the efforts of our young scientists.

Iran PressIran news:  Ebrahim Raisi added: "They (Westerners) thought this would not happen, but Iran grew and many industries in our country, including the nuclear industry, have become indigenous."

He went on to say that even though we had announced our nuclear industry is peaceful, they thought that they could destroy it by assassinating professors and figures.

"Many achievements have been made in other industries, including the military industry,"  the president highlighted.

Raisi noted, "They wanted our economy not to grow, but now we see a growth of 4, 5, and more than 5 percent in the economy."

Referring to the launch of many closed and semi-closed production units, he added: "They wanted no investment in our country, but in the last three years, more than 13,000  billion Rls. investments were made in Zanjan province alone, and over 60 million dollars (foreign investments) were invested." 

"5% unemployment rate has decreased in the province," he said, adding "Many believe that the Islamic Republic is a country that stands against arrogance and pursues its goals with strength."


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