Gaza (IP) - The spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement has said that resistance is rooted in Palestine and the Israeli occupation is coming to an end.

Iran PressMiddle East: Tareq Selmi in an exclusive interview with Iran Press reporter in Gaza stated that the settlement policy of the Zionist regime does not de-identify the Palestinian people and stressed that the resistance has its roots in Palestine and is in continuous confrontation with the Israeli regime, and only with the end of the occupation, resistance will be stopped. 

Pointing to the decision of the Zionist regime's cabinet to build 4,000 new residential units in the West Bank, Selmi emphasized: "This decision will not change reality, because the Palestinian people are steadfast in their land."

He also referred to the attack of the Israeli soldiers on the Jenin camp in the West Bank, saying what happened in Jenin is the continuation of the policies of the criminal cabinet of the Israeli regime against the resistant Palestinian people.

The spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement stressed, "The Zionist regime is seeking to kill the Palestinian people in the camps of the West Bank."

Selmi further added that Zionist plans will not succeed due to the standing, determination and resistance of the Palestinian people.


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