Palestine (IP) - In Jenin, a Palestinian civilian was martyred due to the severity of the injuries caused by the Israeli occupying troops' attacks.

Iran PressMiddle East: Following the Israeli troops' attack on the Jenin camp of the refugees, a fierce armed conflict occurred between the troops and the Resistance movement's fighters. 

On Sunday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that in the Israeli regime's attack on the Jenin camp, 3 Palestinians were injured, and their condition was also declared critical.

Also, local sources in the West Bank reported on Saturday night that a Palestinian youth was shot dead by Zionist settlers.

Since 1948, Israel has been arresting, kidnapping, killing Palestinian people, and destroying their homes.

The new year in occupied Palestine has started, and the Palestinian youth have turned to carry out armed attacks on the Zionists more fiercely than last year.


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