IP- During a phone call with the Foreign Minister of Portugal, the Prime Minister of Palestine requested recognition of the Palestinian state.

Iran PressEurope: The Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Mohammad Mustafa discussed with Portuguese Foreign Minister Paulo Rangel the latest developments in light of the ongoing war of extermination against Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

During a phone call, Mustafa stressed the importance of Portugal’s recognition of the State of Palestine, and following in the footsteps of Spain, Norway, Ireland, and Slovenia, which recently recognized it, to preserve the two-state solution, appreciating the vote to recognize Palestine as a full member in the United Nations General Assembly, its provision of relief aid to Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and the continued support of UNRWA.

In turn, the Portuguese Foreign Minister expressed the continuation of the partnership with Palestine and through the European Union to support the Palestinian people, build institutions, address the difficult economic and financial conditions that Palestine is going through, and support the efforts and work program of the Palestinian government.