The World Health Organization (WHO) says although the Delta variant of coronavirus is the dominant type in the world, cases of omicron variant are increasing and getting dangerous, observed in 106 countries.

Iran Press/America: The omicron variant accounted for 73 percent of new coronavirus cases in the United States between Dec. 12 and 18, according to modeled projections from the CDC, showcasing the highly contagious nature of the variant, which has been detected in 106 countries, according to the Washington Post.

As the omicron variant charged through the United States on Tuesday, California’s governor ordered health-care workers in his state to get booster shots, others extended emergency declarations and President Biden announced new plans to send federal aid.

A “national surge” in omicron cases could peak as soon as January, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted as it urged Americans to brace for a massive wave of coronavirus infections.

The omicron variant is showing that it could overtake delta as the dominant version of the novel coronavirus in some places.

Delta’s spread began a year ago and covered the world by summer. Omicron probably will take over even faster.


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