Tehran (IP) – Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC) managing director said on Sunday workshops will be formed to realize the slogan of 1403 solar year (starting March 20, 2024) designated by the Leader as the year of “Surge in Production Through People’s Participation”.

Iran PressIran news: Morteza Shahmirzaei, who made the remarks in a meeting with senior officials of the petrochemical sector, added the workshops will be formed at three levels of NPC, holdings, and petrochemical companies.

He said the collection of associated gases is among the prioritized plans, explaining the captured flare gases will be processed and used as feedstock for petrochemical complexes.

The CEO of NPC urged the petrochemical companies to minimize the waste of production capacities and make the maximum use of the potential to witness a jump in output.

He also pointed to future investments as another main factor for boosting production.

Shahmirzaei pledged that flare gases of the East and West Karoun regions will be gathered, urging petrochemical holdings to put investment in the upstream sector on top of their agenda to supply feedstock sustainably.