Hormozgan (IP) – Iran's maritime tourism has flourished in Nowruz 1401, and sea travel to the scenic areas and islands of Hormozgan Province, southern Iran, has increased.

Iran PressIran News: Nowruz is one of the most significant Iranian events celebrated worldwide by Iranians and some other ethnic-linguistic groups (Tajik, Turkish, Afghan, etc.) as the beginning of the Persian New Year, which is accompanied by special rituals. 

These days, carrier and passenger boats take Nowruz tourists and their cars from Aftab port to Kish Island in southern Iran. Charak and Aftab ports are the two entrances to this beautiful Island.

With the control of the COVID-19 and widespread vaccination in Iran, Nowruz trips have increased, and tourists travel to Hormozgan Province to visit its beautiful islands.

The Head of the Nowruz cruise staff in Iran, Hossein Abbasnejad, said that the number of cruises since March 16 has exceeded two million and has increased by 15% compared to two years ago.

Health protocols, including using masks in all ports and places of recreation and tourism in Hormozgan Province, are seriously followed and implemented so that Nowruz trips and maritime tourism do not lead to the COVID spread.



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