Tehran (IP) - Criticizing Europe for not fulfilling its commitments to the JCPOA after the US unilaterally withdrew from the agreement, Iran's president said: "If Europe really wants to maintain the JCPOA, it must prove it in practice."

Iran PressIran News: In a telephone conversation with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday evening, Hassan Rouhani said the inclusion of new issues in the JCPOA is impossible.

Rouhani said that Iran's commitment to the JCPOA was not legitimate with the continuation of sanctions and the parties' non-compliance.

The president said the government had a duty to reduce its obligations to the nuclear deal under a law passed by parliament.

He added: "If the sanctions are lifted, we will fully fulfill our obligations under the JCPOA."

Referring to the Hormuz peace Initiative, the President stressed the need to end the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, stating: "The solution to the region's problems is through regional dialogue, and it is the countries of the region that must decide their own destiny."

In the conversation, Rouhani called for the development of relations between the two countries and added: "Considering the provision of cooperation between the countries, the activation of companies and the private sector of the two countries can lead to the development of cooperation between the two countries."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also stressed the need to maintain the JCPOA as an international agreement and called for the resolution of differences through dialogue and strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation between all countries to maintain security and stability in the region.


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