Erbil (IP) - There is nothing called the Kurdistan Region without the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saadi Ahmad Pireh, the Spokesman of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said on the occasion of the 45th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The commemoration ceremony of the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution's victory was held in Erbil of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region on Monday with the participation of the leaders and members of the Kurdish parties. 

Poems and hymns were chanted and sung at the ceremony, and then Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nasrollah Rashnoudi, delivered a speech on the occasion: 

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to create a framework for political and economic coordination between the countries of the region, especially its neighbors. Establishing security in the region is important for us, but obviously, the US is present in Iraq under the pretext of Iraq's security, dominating over the Iraqi land and air, demolishing the country. We strongly condemn it." 

At the end of the ceremony, the leaders and members of the Kurdistan parties appreciated the Islamic Republic for its assistance to the Kurdistan Region and shared the cake provided to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution's victory.


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