Commentary (IP) - The Israeli war on Gaza enters the 10th consecutive month while the international community failed to do anything to stop the genocidal war.

Now what pops up in our minds is that what are the consequences of the war on the Gaza Strip after 9 months. The following are some of the significant consequences:

1.    Genocide in GazaSince the beginning of the Israeli war on Gaza on October 7, 2023, over 37,800 Palestinian people have been killed. In addition, about 96,900 Palestinians have been injured. Women and children form the main part of the martyrs and wounded. The people are struggling with the lack of food, healthy water, medicines, and fuel. Already, the international communities and different countries' officials have acknowledged that what the Israeli regime is doing against the people of Palestine is a sheer genocide. Foreign Affairs magazine wrote that with about 40,000 troops, Israel attacked Gaza, displaced 80 percent of the Gazan population, killing about 38,000 Palestinians, dropping at least 70,000 tons of bombs on the Strip, damaging more than half of the Gazan buildings, and limiting access to the strip.

2.    Israeli Regime's Failure in Destroying HamasThe Israeli war on Gaza also has failed in accomplishing one of the significant goals of the regime which is to destroy the Palestinian resistance group Hamas. As the Wall Street Journal has released the assessment of the US intelligence information, despite what Israel says about sapping Hamas of strength and capabilities, the Palestinian resistance group has kept its permanent capabilities to continue the war and carry out direct operations against the Israeli forces. The Foreign Affairs admitted that after about 9 months of the war on Gaza, the power of Hamas is increasing. The resistance movement gained much more popularity among the Palestinians after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, 2023, and the Israeli regime was unlikely can defeat the group.  

3.    Israeli Troops' Fatigue and ExhaustionThe other consequence of the war on Gaza after 9 months is the Israeli troops' exhaustion. Despite their pompous claims about the strength and viability of their military and intelligence capabilities, the Zionists have not reached any significant achievement but they are facing a lack of military forces. The commanders of the 4 military battalions of the Israeli regime's army in Gaza stressed that the Israeli soldiers were tired after 9 months of non-stop war.

4.    Failure of International Community to Stop Israel's War CrimesStill, another consequence is the realization of the fact that the international community is unable to stop the Israeli regime from committing war crimes against the people of Gaza. The Israeli regime committed genocide in Gaza but the international community's efforts to stop it foundered on the strong support of the US for the regime. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi blamed the international community for its inertia and said: Human conscience is absent in this war; the international community has remained silent and turned a blind eye to tens of thousands of innocent victims.

5.    Victory of Palestinian Resistance and People

Finally, Nine months of an all-out genocidal war against the Gaza Strip did not cause the Palestinian people to surrender to the US-backed Israeli regime and abandon support for the Resistance front. the General Commissioner of the Coalition of Tribes and Families of the Gaza Strip, Akef Al-Masri announced that Netanyahu and his cabinet could not break the will of the Palestinian nation to reach freedom, liberation of Palestine from occupation, re-establishment of independent Palestine, and return to their homeland.     Just as the Palestinian people have thwarted Israel's conspiracies in the war on the Gaza Strip in the past 9 months, they are defeating Netanyahu's conspiratorial plan once again, he said. 

The people of Gaza do not tolerate the rule of any political party in the Gaza Strip he noted, and stressed that there is no alternative to the Palestinian resistance groups.


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